May 2019

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Instagram has long ceased to be just a place to share photos and turned into a highly efficient platform for marketing and commerce. More than a billion active users and high competition among commercial accounts only confirms the fact that selling on Instagram is profitable!


Despite its attractiveness and ease of use, working on Instagram is becoming increasingly difficult. The user constantly overestimates the expectations bar, and it’s very difficult to keep track of new options and promotion tools without a good guide.


Today we will open you the main secrets of a successful business on this platform.


7 life hacking for commerce on Instagram


1. Minimalism. about buying Instagram likes


To stand out in the tape and be noticed – this is already 50% of the success of buying instagram likes. Imagine yourself leafing through a ribbon that is almost entirely made up of photos, pictures, and collages. Your attention will surely attract the post, which has the Polish number of approvals. Just a lot of likes and nothing extra. As a reliable service, you can choose the site these guys are professionals in their field.


2. Nice picture. Illustration of Instagram Advertising


Share only high-quality images. Do not use stock photos, only unique photos will do. “Masked” ads look best. Photos from life, with a relaxed posture. No one will read the post under a bad photo with incomprehensible content and promise. A modern user is well-versed in the art of photography, therefore, approach the visualization of advertising seriously, otherwise you risk spoiling the first impression about your product / service.


3. Less epithets, more meaning. Information under the post in Instagram


Information under the advertisement should be as useful as possible to the audience. It is not enough to list all the synonyms of the word “best” through a comma, you must argue your position and motivate the user.


For example, advertising a mattress:


“Gorgeous, comfortable, great choice, the best mattress to sleep.” What information does a person get who is reading a description of a photo? None!


Here’s how: “Double-sided mattress with independent springs and natural filler. A great option for those who like to sleep;) ”. Such a text will attract the attention of the buyer, he will find the necessary characteristics in it and will want to learn more.


4. Unforgivable mistakes. Literate text of the post on Instagram


Missing letters and spelling errors cause mistrust of the post. Check and recheck text. Build a proposal in accordance with the norms of the Russian language. Incomprehensible cuts and the style of the master Yoda (for face cream skin moisturizer) will not attract buyers and subscribers. Learn to express your thoughts beautifully or refer to professionals who will help you competently create a good selling text.


5. Everyone loves gifts! Instagram Shares


Gifts, discounts and promotions – the most jet engine of advertising! Instagram advertising is no exception. Of course, no need to advertise in the style of street barkers: “Only today”, “Buy two, the third as a gift.” Such aggression and market approach will only scare the user. The reader of your post should not feel that they are trying to lure him. He should feel the benefit for himself, the opportunity to receive pleasant bonuses for buying the right thing. Advertising on Instagram is designed for an audience that likes to choose, the very feeling of self-decision without the pressure of the seller gives a pleasant impression of the purchase. Do not make false promises, too much profit is alarming: “Buy a phone charge and get a case, headphones and 50% discount for the next purchase”. Even the most trusting buyer can sneak in doubt about the veracity of such advertising. Therefore, it is better to make real promotions and gifts and, of course, keep your promises to subscribers.


6. Laconic presentation. Insta story


Short beautiful videos will help the user to create a more comprehensive picture of your product. As in the posts with photos, the image quality and the correct frame setting are very important. Do not use other people’s re-voiced clips, it will look frivolous, and you definitely will not get the expected result from such advertising. Choose a good background music (most often it is appropriate), think over the plot of the video to the smallest detail. If you have no experience, contact the experts, and they will help to remove high-quality insta stories for your account.


7. Accurately on target. Targeting Ads on Instagram


Targeting gives you the opportunity to accurately select your target audience. You customize the selection of users by language, geolocation and gender. You can also make a choice of interest. For example, if you are selling sportswear, choose people interested in sports. Targeting advertising is difficult to overestimate, but it does not fit all business accounts. Basically, targeting is configured for quick, sometimes spontaneous purchases. Therefore, real estate, cars, etc., do not “go” very well through targeting. Of course, you can shock users with scientific discoveries and try to sell premium-class watches using this promotion method, but targeting works much more effectively for the following areas:


Cafe, restaurants


Travel agencies




Exclusive things, accessories




A powerful advertising program on the Instagram platform gives you the opportunity to choose an individual marketing strategy for your business.


Take advantage of our advice and tune in to success!